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Tempest Citadel

Tempest Citadel is a science-fiction grand strategy game being developed for the PC by Aartform Games.

In the near future, after wreckage from an old alien starship crashes to Terra, humanity uses the technology to conquer the solar system. An organization soon stages a mission to a nearby planet, led by a dishonored captain who longs for the stars. However, when the captain wakes from cryosleep, he finds himself on the farthest edge of the universe, stranded, and forced into a mission he knew nothing about. The only way home is to brave an alien world ruled by storms - and awaken something dark buried within him.

See more of the game on its development blog, its Steam Greenlight page, or the official website.

I worked with Aartform Games on a freelance basis from August 2015 to September 2016 (intermittently).

  • Developed backstory profiles for all 6 in-universe factions based on their gameplay and art briefs, while also shaping enemy factions to present interesting contrasts and parallels with the player faction.
  • Designed a malleable storyline out of 4 interconnected faction-centric arcs, setting out mission types and scripted in-level events/challenges.
  • Established the narrative voices of 10 key supporting characters who jointly deliver all in-game narrative text.
  • Ensured all mission-critical information delivered is consistent with intended tone, mood, and character.
  • Supported the player's gameplay progression by pacing significant narrative beats in tandem.
  • Composed epistolary texts in different styles to match the faction whose backstory/character they illuminate.

In November 2015, Tempest Citadel was successfully greenlit on Steam and now continues on the road to release.