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Still Vagrants


This is a D-20 campaign and board game about a group of homeless people on the streets of a rapidly growing metropolis, loosely set in Southeast Asia. The game follows the characters as they balance the struggle to earn money with their heavy consciences, arising from the pasts which haunt them. Players choose their end goals from the pre-written content, or style their own, and work to achieve it by using a single die. The role of the Narrator (identical to the classic "DM") is to dole out snippets of narrative to maintain mystery and elicit the imagination of the players, while guiding the story flow.

My role in this solo project was as expected: creator, writer, designer, and artist. The system is quite basic and the art was kept to a minimum because I chose to focus on the narrative aspects. As a result, the story content already present covers a broad area.



The game is fully playable. So why not download the doc and play? If you do, please feel free to send me an email with your feedback and critique. I'd very much appreciate it.


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