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Kenshi is a post-post-apocalyptic squad-based sandbox RPG being developed for the PC by Lo-Fi Games.

Set in a massive 'swordpunk' world, the player directs their own story. Become a trader, a raider, a pioneer, an army commander, a builder of cities - the choice is yours. But you'll be given no privileges. When you start out, you stand on equal ground with all others. This isn't a world that coddles you. It's a world that bites back.

Find out more about the game and the incredible team behind it on their official website or Steam page.

I worked with Lo-Fi Games on a freelance basis from September 2014 to April 2015 and was tasked with producing dialogue for the in-game world's many inhabitants.

  • Wrote branching dialogue for non-playable characters with a focus on characterizing the faction to which they belong while building upon the world's harsh atmosphere and bleak tone.
  • Utilized an in-house conversation editor to assign dialogue trees to NPCs and factions while assigning specific lines with relevant AI behavior.
  • Diversified lines through a word-swap feature and by setting specific dialogue triggers based on traits of the speaker and/or the listener (e.g. personality tags, faction affiliation, history with listener/speaker, and others).

As of May 2017, Kenshi - though still in alpha/Early Access phase - has a 9/10 (very positive) review score on Steam and has earned a number of favorable features from Rock Paper Shotgun, Siliconera, and most recently Kotaku.