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Isleron: The Rending

Isleron: The Rending is a high-fantasy RPG being developed for PC by Dark Worlds Entertainment.

Fifteen years ago, a band of champions saved the world from an evil god. But when they seized power and began shaping the land into their own image, an aging warrior retreated from the world, disgusted at what the heroes had become. This self-imposed seclusion is forced to end when an old friend dies in his arms - and the world falls into chaos once more.

For more about the game, head over to the official website.

I worked with DWE on a freelance basis from May to August 2015, brought on for the project's pre-production phase.

  • Developed high-level design briefs into a 24,000-word story bible which establishes the world's rich history and lore, a synopsis for the game's full story arc, and a more detailed breakdown of the first act.
  • Created extensive bios for the 6 central characters with a focus on grounding their roles as tragic figures.
  • Generated descriptions for dozens of key locations/levels, highlighting important environmental elements, and set out visual themes for the monsters.
  • Frequently collaborated with and integrated feedback from the IP holder during the ideation and writing process.
  • Wrote a script for a story teaser trailer (shown above) for use in the game's marketing and crowdfunding campaign.

Isleron: The Rending is set to launch a Kickstarter soon, so stay tuned!