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MarZ Rising

MarZ Rising is a science-fiction/horror tactical base defense game being developed for the PC by doorfortyfour.

The year 2065 sees humanity's first mission to colonize the red planet, but in our attempt to bring life to Mars, we find that death has already claimed it. To claim the land for our colony and unearth the secrets of the undead, a decorated captain must lead his crew on a dangerous mission to investigate 20 crucial sites on the planet's surface - if they can survive.

You can visit the studio's website and the game's official website to learn more.

I worked with doorfortyfour on a freelance basis from October to December 2016. The task was the creative revision of the game's story and text in both English and German. While I handled the writing and story aspects in English, I enlisted help from a friend and colleague of mine, Daniel H., to translate the text into German.

  • Significantly reworked dialogue and expanded story content to three times its initial size to improve pacing, atmosphere, characterization, and overall narrative quality.
  • Leveraged tension between player objectives to enhance dramatic conflict between supporting characters.
  • Ensured consistency of voice and clarity of mission directions in dialogue.
  • Iterated on feedback from the client to preserve the relation between gameplay and narrative in each level.

MarZ Rising is set for release in 2017.