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MarZ Rising

PC  |  Early Access: September 2017, Release: TBD

•  Writer/Editor on doorfortyfour's zombie-themed sci-fi base defense game, from October to December 2016.
•  Joined development to edit/localise the English dialogue and expanded the role with lead devs to include rewriting in response to evolving gameplay needs.
•  Adapted the cast of NPCs to externalise the player's conflicting goals, while also adding a new character.
•  Expanded the overall story content, incl. dialogue and fragmented narrative texts, to three times its original size.

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Early Press Coverage

"MarZ Rising is an interesting change for a standard tower defense formula and has some new and fresh ideas for this genre. [...] Surely the developers put a lot of love into this game, and it shines through."
~ 3rd Strike

"While playing MarZ Rising I had to remind myself that it was an early access game. It lacks a good deal of customization and could use a few more base buildings, but the central game, the artwork and the cut-scenes feel so polished already. It has a narrative that (while nothing incredible) does succeed in building tension and complementing the tower defence format. It also doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard, the characters are fairly grounded, and not just constantly wise-cracking or trying to be super meaningful. At the moment, the game only consists of the main story, but when that main story is done so well, I feel like you don’t need a million playable options."
~ Hooked Gamers